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The basic need of the market and society Textile industry – Augustya

The world and trends are changing so fast. In the last few decades fashion business has changed a lot. This in turn made the raw material providing industries to adopt the changing technologies and innovation all over the world. The basic industries which provide life line material to the fashion world are textile industry. It basically deals with the production of clothes and yarn and then designing of the produced clothes and their marketing and distribution. These industries are depended on other industries for raw materials like chemical industries. In some nations these industries are the back bone of the economy.

The major fabric used here is cotton. It is a natural fibre which is the backbone of this industry. This fibre has its economic importance because it can only be cultivated only in more than 50 nations of the world. There are several stages which takes place in the production of cloth in the textile industry. The first step involves cultivating and harvesting of the raw material i.e. cotton. The second step is the preparatory process. After the preparatory process the spinning of the cotton fibres is done and which is followed by the weaving of the fibre. The last process involves the finishing of the produced cloth.

These industries have grown a lot in the past few decades. They are considered as evergreen industries. The need and demand of clothes and there market will never be down even in recession. Textile industry deals with the most basic needs of human beings i.e. clothes. There are various segments of these industries. The major segments of them are readymade garments, silk and woollen textiles and handicrafts.

History is also related to this production unit a lot. The major growth and development in this production unit had taken place after the 18th century i.e. after the industrial revolution. After the industrial revolution the textile industry has become most important production unit. The industrial revolution has changed the nature of work. From the point of investment this production unit provides a good platform for the investors. There are various cloth producing firms all over the world which produces the quality fibre and the quality cloth. This production unit also provides employment to a large portion of the skilled labour. It is the complete package in terms of investment, growth, return and especially in terms of the products which will always be welcomed by the people.

Im going higher everyday

It is my desire to tell you that I am exceedingly very happy because I am going higher every day. In sincerity, it is a good thing to go higher. There are so many things that gave rise to this and they include; humility, being charitable and then being educated. With a grateful heart, I am happy to inform you that these three things have really helped me a lot. I will spend a little time in explaining them to you. In the first place, I was able to learn the virtues of humility as early as possible. It is in fact the number one principle of heroism; if you are humble, you will be praised.

Having imbibed this virtue in my life, I was able to use it to a great deal. The second thing that helped me greatly was the art of giving; I have learnt early in life that if you are a giver, you will definitely be a friend to God. God is in love with cheerful givers, and blessed is the hand that gives more than the hand that receives. Every giver will see the face of God on the last day, and givers never lacks. All these have helped me very well.

Besides giving, another secret that have truly helped me is being educated. The greatest investment I was able to make in life was making sure that I am deeply educated. Education to say the least is the highest thing that has happened to my life and circumstances. I dont think that anything will make me in life to regret being educated. I am committed in acquiring more and more certificates- bearing in mind that the certificates I acquire today will be very much relevant some day. In the final analysis, all these things have truly helped me to keep on going higher and higher on a daily basis.

How I enjoy my life daily

Life is very enjoyable; this is the view that had been held by lots of philosophers and psychologists over time. I have being enjoying my life, because am convinced that every aspect of our life is worth living. I used to wake up early in the morning. After which I will do my morning devotion, then followed by taking my bath, then breakfast. I like to take tea with fried dishes in the morning. After taking a sumptuous breakfast, I will go to lectures which normally end by mid morning. After coming back from the school, I will go to bar and take some bottles of soft drinks.

If the weather is chilled, I will go for gym so that my body temperature will be warm, and to maintain physical fitness. If the weather is hot, I will not go for gym; instead I will opt for going for swimming. I have practiced this art of living for some years now, and I had been very happy and fulfilled. Every time, I tell some of my friends about this, they love to enjoy this art of living with me. Usually after the gym or the swimming as the case may be I will go home, take some nutritious meals, then after which I will now be very happy; I will visit some circle of friends or hang out with friends. Then, I will come back later in the evening, read or revise my books, and read few academic materials, take my dinner and off to the club. I like visiting clubs, because this is where I visit lots of people. I go to clubs almost on a daily basis, because I have the firm belief that every club is very unique and will go a long way to shape my lifestyle.

Unforgettable Vices – My bad taxi experience in Prague

I cannot begin to tell you how much my holiday in Prague was disastrous. I regret the very day I went on that vacation and will never pursue travels there again. If I ever set my eyes on that conniving taxi driver, I will surely make him regret the day he fled with our money. Listen to my story in this virtual paradigm: My partner and I chose Prague for our destined vacation spot last summer; we left home exciting and thrilled to the teeth, just feeling hyped about this vacation, as friends encouraged us through the recommendation of their former experience. They could not believe what we went through.

We recently eavesdrop on circulating gossip that taxi scams were surging in quite often for the region, we pondered; but was determined to gain our accomplishments set out for in Prague. Our approach to the situation is to negotiate fares pricing, before taking a taxi, but we still became victims. We had negotiated with the cab driver to pay US$ 300, so that the taxi driver would drive us to our hotel. This happened the second night of our visit, and the driver took us back to the hotel and paid the driver US$ 500, which the driver coupled with the other notes in his wallet. There is no way he could have been mistaken, because the note value was clear and could not have convinced him otherwise, because it was a single note. Anyway, my partner asked him for the change, but he produced a fifty dollar note, indicating that is what he received and needed the rest of the cash. The driver went ballistics on us saying he wanted the rest of the fare, after we indicated that we saw what he did, but he still denied it. My partner asked me to call the police, and my partner went back the taxi with his feet on the road, while the taxi driver was there talking in his mother tongue.

After a few minutes the cab driver started to pull my partner out of the car aggressively, I cried out for help several times to get the attention of the hoteliers as the street was scanty. It took a while for them to notice that we really needed assistance, so I had to intervene, but the driver punched me in my face and fell to the ground. It was at this point when the hotel security came to our rescue, and I discovered my partner got severe injuries as the boisterous taxi driver punched him several times in his stomach and other parts of the body. Blood was all over my partner’s clothes; I helped him out of the taxi, and the taxi driver sped off, before the police arrived and this was so bad. The hotel called the ambulance for us; we were treated and released, then planned to leave Prague immediately after submitting a report to the local police, who had no way to locate or identify the driver. This was disappointing for us, and Trey was in terrible pain so we had to stay until his pains eased, but there is no way we would visit or recommend Prague as a destination for travelers.

Better education planning for your child

As a parent we always want to give the best for our children, be it the first tricycle we purchase for them when they are the toddler or be it the money we shell out for their Masters’ education, we strive to provide the best. Many of the children think of their future only after they enter into the high school, but it is not the case with the parents, it is completely a different story, as they have to segregate certain amount every month so that they will be ready to pay for the child’s education when the appropriate time arrives, they can’t be going at the back of any financial institutions or Money lenders to borrow money at the last moment. College and school education are soaring so high that as the kids grow, so does their educational expenses. The inflation is almost unpredictable. And so, it is necessary to start at the earliest as a parent to begin planning for the kids’ school and college funds, while they are still toddlers.  Many of the parents do not have a remote clue as to how to save for theirs kids education, planning is the main key word, if you plan out well and implement it accordingly, then you won’t  face any problem at the last moment. Here below are few tips you can employ:  

1.      Make a through research of the different college saving schemes, the market as of now; have got innumerable colleges saving schemes which come with various benefits. Analyze them properly and pick out the best one which will fit your necessities. These schemes often come with tax benefits, on consultation with your financial advisor, know the workings of it and pick out the best scheme.  
2.      Select the prepaid educational tuition scheme. When you opt in for this scheme, the tuition costs are locked ahead itself; it means that you need not worry about the raising cost during the periods ahead. Through this plan, the student will be eligible to join any of the colleges which are in the list of the schemes, and in case the student wants to shift to any other college which is not in the list, they can do so, just paying the extra cost alone.  
3.      Start your plans, very much in advance, may be while they are yet kids or toddlers, this way you can save more money compared to the parents, who start to save only when child enters the high school level. This education cost is a definite cost, so why not set aside certain amount from the child birth itself. This way you can put in a hefty amount and place your child in a reputed college as per their desires.     Thus a little bit of planning and an organized approach will surely reduce you of the educational costs, which you may have to face in the later stage.