How I enjoy my life daily

Life is very enjoyable; this is the view that had been held by lots of philosophers and psychologists over time. I have being enjoying my life, because am convinced that every aspect of our life is worth living. I used to wake up early in the morning. After which I will do my morning devotion, then followed by taking my bath, then breakfast. I like to take tea with fried dishes in the morning. After taking a sumptuous breakfast, I will go to lectures which normally end by mid morning. After coming back from the school, I will go to bar and take some bottles of soft drinks.

If the weather is chilled, I will go for gym so that my body temperature will be warm, and to maintain physical fitness. If the weather is hot, I will not go for gym; instead I will opt for going for swimming. I have practiced this art of living for some years now, and I had been very happy and fulfilled. Every time, I tell some of my friends about this, they love to enjoy this art of living with me. Usually after the gym or the swimming as the case may be I will go home, take some nutritious meals, then after which I will now be very happy; I will visit some circle of friends or hang out with friends. Then, I will come back later in the evening, read or revise my books, and read few academic materials, take my dinner and off to the club. I like visiting clubs, because this is where I visit lots of people. I go to clubs almost on a daily basis, because I have the firm belief that every club is very unique and will go a long way to shape my lifestyle.