The basic need of the market and society Textile industry – Augustya

The world and trends are changing so fast. In the last few decades fashion business has changed a lot. This in turn made the raw material providing industries to adopt the changing technologies and innovation all over the world. The basic industries which provide life line material to the fashion world are textile industry. It basically deals with the production of clothes and yarn and then designing of the produced clothes and their marketing and distribution. These industries are depended on other industries for raw materials like chemical industries. In some nations these industries are the back bone of the economy.

The major fabric used here is cotton. It is a natural fibre which is the backbone of this industry. This fibre has its economic importance because it can only be cultivated only in more than 50 nations of the world. There are several stages which takes place in the production of cloth in the textile industry. The first step involves cultivating and harvesting of the raw material i.e. cotton. The second step is the preparatory process. After the preparatory process the spinning of the cotton fibres is done and which is followed by the weaving of the fibre. The last process involves the finishing of the produced cloth.

These industries have grown a lot in the past few decades. They are considered as evergreen industries. The need and demand of clothes and there market will never be down even in recession. Textile industry deals with the most basic needs of human beings i.e. clothes. There are various segments of these industries. The major segments of them are readymade garments, silk and woollen textiles and handicrafts.

History is also related to this production unit a lot. The major growth and development in this production unit had taken place after the 18th century i.e. after the industrial revolution. After the industrial revolution the textile industry has become most important production unit. The industrial revolution has changed the nature of work. From the point of investment this production unit provides a good platform for the investors. There are various cloth producing firms all over the world which produces the quality fibre and the quality cloth. This production unit also provides employment to a large portion of the skilled labour. It is the complete package in terms of investment, growth, return and especially in terms of the products which will always be welcomed by the people.