Tips for choosing a Christmas tree

Tips for choosing a Christmas tree

An artificial tree is the easiest option, practical, and eco-friendly for many people, but many families opt to purchase a natural tree for Christmas.  Christmas Lights Installation El Paso

If you have decided to put a tree natural Christmas here are the tips to keep in mind to choose and keep it properly to make last it all Christmas and even that you can plant in the garden when the festivities end. Christmas Lights Installation El Paso
Before choosing the tree

Before heading out to buy (or cutting) the tree, it is important to choose the site where you place it and measure the space, both wide and high. The diameter of the base of the tree branches must not exceed the maximum width of your site as though it is possible to trim the branches at the base of the tree, that may damage its symmetry. If you want to replant your tree in the garden or the countryside after Christmas, should choose a relatively cool place, away from radiators, califactores and the chimney. Christmas Lights Installation El Paso

Verify that the tree is fresh
Once in the shop or nursery, a few tricks to ensure that the tree is fresh is lifting the tree from the ground and let it fall again. If it is dry and loses many sheets, select other. Another way to check this is gripping a branch with your hand and pull the tip. Leaves should not fall to do so. Also the leaves should be bright, green and flexible. Christmas Lights Installation El Paso

Adjust the height of the tree

If the tree is too high, can ask to cut the branches from the tip and then save them and utlizarlas to make a Christmas door wreath or a Christmas table centrepiece. You should also cut about 5 cm from the base of the trunk to open pores. Christmas Lights Installation El Paso

Transport of the tree

If the tree is small it can fits you into the interior of the car. If it is very large, a form of transport it is wrapping it in a cloth and tie it to the roof of the car. Christmas Lights Installation El Paso

How to plant the tree at home

Once home, put the tree in a pot. To prepare the pot, first put some rocks in the background (for drainage) and then a layer of soil or fertilizer (in the nursery can advise on the best type) put the trunk of the tree and adds more land until it is full.
It waters the Earth and placed the pot on a saucer in the chosen place.
Maintenance of the tree at home

Trim the branches that are too long and choose in which put the star. Save the branches that cuts to decorate the rest of the House.
It is important to irrigate tree and not allow the soil to dry. If it is hot at the site where it will be, one idea is to place once a day a few cubes of ice on top of the soil around the trunk.

Decorating the tree

You are now ready to decorate it.